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ARGUS INŽENJERING d.o.o. is a construction company that produces and assembles steel halls for industrial facilities, warehouses, sports halls and similar facilities. For the needs of the industry we manufacture platforms, pipeline bridges and supporting structures of machines, transportation systems and storage systems. We have been in business since 2002 with 15 to 35 employees. Over the past 4 years we have successfully cooperated with the German company REHAU in the field of PVC doors and windows, and we are developing a special program of office cabins and mini facilities for various purposes. The team consists of mechanical and construction engineers under the management of Dragan Erdevik, Master of Mechanical Engineering, and qualified employees – locksmiths, certified welders, tinsmiths and joiners who produce, assemble and hem the facility that you imagined!

  • Our principle is: BUILDING AN ENTIRELY FUNCTIONAL FACILITY which can easily be upgraded.


We are equipped with licensed designing software and the complete business system of the company EDOPS, with which we can with ease and in the spirit of the ISO9001 system manage all the company’s processes and in that way ensure the tracking, maintenance and improvement of the product’s quality system.
We strive for the greatest customer satisfaction and for recommendation to be our best marketing tool. Furthermore, we especially develop a relationship with the customer from the very beginning of collaboration. For us the customer is the most important associate, and with our educational treatment, the customer gains a lot of knowledge in this area so he/she can turn his/her ideas into reality, but with the available and planned funding.


We are especially careful that our marketing suggestions don’t convince the customer to start manufacturing a facility above their financial limits. With an honest approach which involves a detailly specified offer and a lot of advice and adjustments before finding the right solution, we guide the investor to a solution that will completely satisfy the functional and aesthetical criteria within the available funding.
The most expensive thing is not necessarily the best, but the cheapest one is surely not good. Finding the right balance is not easy. Let us patiently and carefully prepare and build you a functional and permanent facility, to become your business partner, to monitor your development, and with our functional solutions to participate in your success for many years to come.

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