Alu Doors and Windows

Alu Doors and Windows

Alu doors and windows are lighter than PVC and as such are suitable for glazing larger surfaces, like glass facades but also office spaces.

They fulfil all aesthetic requests with their appearance and great selection of colours, and their smooth surface and perfect finishing make it very easy for maintenance. It can be adjusted to openings of all sizes, even nonstandard ones. Aluminium is a metal, and like all metals it is a good heat conductor, so its insulating properties are considerably worse than those of PVC. However, modern aluminium doors and windows are produced with a thermal break (thermal bridge) which has significantly improved its thermal and acoustic properties.

The cons of aluminium doors and windows:

– higher price compared to PVC doors and windows
– decays faster in sea environments, because of the salt in the air
– the thermal insulation is slightly lower compared to PVC

The pros of aluminium doors and windows:

– durability
– stiffness
– lighter than PVC
– modern appearance
– resistant to corrosion
– good thermal and sound insulation (with a thermal break)
– the right choice for doors and windows of larger dimensions
– easy to maintain
– wide selection of colours (does not affect the price)
– eco friendly (is recyclable)
– safe, especially in the combination with a double safety glass


Cross-section of aluminium windows

Double sliding door

Sliding door systems are generally used for the glazing of terraces, partition walls inside of rooms or for business spaces (fast food shops, bakeries). They are convenient for all kinds of counters. They are cold-formed and have a profile with a thermal break. They are simple for instalment and handling, as well as maintenance.


Triple sliding door

They have the same characteristics as the double sliding door systems, but they are used for wider rooms. The systems can be multiple sliding depending on the purpose and dimension of the aperture.

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