• The EU roof type is composed of a 40mm roofing polyurethane panel, a substructure, additional insulation of 50mm stone wool, 10mm OSB panels and a roof from a flat plasticized galvanized sheet metal, transversely wound – great roof insulation, completely safe from leakage

  • Frequent relocation with a crane is possible (because of the special roof)

  • Minimal deformations during relocation

  • ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR FORMING CONTAINER PAVILIONS (because of the flat structure of the frame, the modules lie perfectly next to each other, without any significant aversions that ruin the outward appearance)

Technical information:


Standard 6000 x 24000 H2650, for international traffic 6058x2438 H2591 on order


The steel construction is usually constructed from a 2mm galvanized steel sheet metal and 3mm steel cold-formed profiles in the floor. Reinforced construction with 3mm profiles is used for containers which stack vertically. The steel construction is calculated with a final element method and optimized in detail, so for a minimal weight it can satisfy a required bearing capacity of 100kg/m2. THE CONSTRUCTION IS ADDITIONALY PROTECTED WITH EPOXY AND POLYURETHANE BICOMPONENT PAINT. This type of structure and anti-corrosive protection ensure great construction durability with minimal maintenance.


The ceiling is constructed from 40mm sandwich panels with polyurethane class B3 insulation under which there is a steel substructure and 50mm stone wool insulation. A 10mm OSB panel is set on the steel substructure, over which a 0,5mm plasticized galvanized steel sheet metal is wound, which serves as the roof. This type of roof structure gives very good insulation and holds up well during frequent relocations and in rough construction site conditions.


The walls are constructed of 40 and 50mm polyurethane sandwich panels that have great durability, with 98% closed cells and 37-42kg/m3 density, which provide great insulation. The 40mm thick polyurethane panel wall has the same insulation properties as the 200mm siporex or YTONG or 400mm clay block or 700mm solid brick or 1200 concrete.


The floor is comprised of 40mm polyurethane sandwich panels, over which a 10mm OSB panel is installed, and for a final flooring laminate, linoleum or vinflex is used. The floor is situated on a strong steel construction and specially bent galvanized girders, 200kg/m2 floor bearing capacity, great insulation (like of the 250mm siporex)


We proudly point out that the doors and windows in our office cabins are made of German REHAU profiles of the highest quality with GU-BKS hardware and low-emissivity glass of the American manufacturer GUARDIAN. We build the doors and windows in our own facility with new machines and technicians. Because of such top quality doors and windows our facilities have permanent functionality. The German company REHAU (1957) has proven that durability of 40+ years of doors and windows is possible. And GU-BKS hardware, tested on over 100.000 openings gives the windows special value and comfort in exploitation.


Are run as a single-phase, with a UKO-UTO inlet industrial socket, a PVC distribution board with a RCD, automatic fuses and grounding with a galvanized steel strip. The lighting is made up of two sets of 2x2x36W fluorescent lights in a moisture-proof performance. If necessary a deck boat lamp will be added outside and 2x18W fluorescent lights in the bathrooms. The sockets are wall mounted single-phase and three phase PVC OG, with cables outward situated in 40x20 and 25x25 PVC channels. A PVC adapter for a telephone cable inlet adapter is installed on the outside, and telephone sockets inside.


Installations are wall mounted with 1/2`` inlet PVC pipes, fi50 sink drain and fi110 toilet drain pipes. Along with the sink, a paper roll holder, toilet tank, PVC toilet seat and toilet brush are delivered as well. With the 80x80cm bathtub, a tap with a shower head, towel rack and curtain are delivered. The sanitary ware is standard, of domestic production with Italian sinks that have a ceramic valve. A negotiation for a more exclusive combination of sanitary ware is possible. Vinflex by default.


Air conditioners, radiators, grilles, ALU or PVC showcases, decorative conceal of the roof, additional slanted roof, lining with wooden logs, lining with plaster on the inside, staircases, canopies, tables, cupboards, complete furniture on arrangement. For more demanding customers it is possible to design special futuristic roofs, to stack containers onto unusual columns…


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