Prefabricated halls and constructions

In all major cities we now see more facilities constructed with the prefabricated system, lined with sandwich panels, alubond, structural and semi-structural aluminium-glass facades.

Sandwich panels appeared in the market during the ‘60s and since then their implementation has characterised modern, economical and smart construction.

Based on many years of observing the needs of our market, we have established that there is a significant demand for halls of small range and low height.

Ultra light temporary steel facilites that are covered with a tarpaulin are becoming more interesting for various purposes.

With one move of a crane you get an entire area of halls. This quick-assembly system is reqired when temporary warehouses at big, remote sites are in question.

A durable high-quality roof cannot be pictured without a combination of a steel construction and sandwich panels. A steel construction is more durable than wooden beams.

The only safe way of constructing additional floors on old building is with the light steel construction system.