Security doors


Are you safe behind your current door? Have you ever wondered what a security door is?

You’ve recently bought a front door for a low price of 150-200 EUR and you’re extremely satisfied, it looks nice, although you still don’t know why it is called a security door…



  1. Security doors are an INVESTMENT, a significant and quick-repaying INVESTMENT
  2. This kind of door is a SERIOUS OBSTACLE TO BURGLARS
  3. A security door should primarily be SAFE, only after that NICE-LOOKING
  4. This kind of door discourages professionals, and amateurs DON’T COME NEAR IT
  5. Security doors have the best-quality locks with several SECURITY SYSTEMS
  6. Those are doors that have a ROBUST STEEL CONSTRUCTION
  7. Security doors have a front of steel sheet metal of 1,5-2mm thickness
  8. They are locked from all four sides
  9. Security doors are attached to wall anchors by WELDING
  10. Doors that have at least everything listed are SECURITY DOORS

Why should you install HIGH QUALITY SECURITY DOORS?

Regular plywood doors that are in most apartments have one fundamental flaw: they are easy to break, i.e. smash directly through the lining of veneer or thin wood. If children, women, the elderly are alone in the apartment, there is a chance of a break-in that can have unimaginable consequences on their psyche. The sense of security behind 110 kilos of steel is grand and pleasant. Even if regular doors are equipped with a solid lock, after a break-in they will look like the doors in the following images:

Osnovna brava

Click on the images below and look at how many detailed instructions and tools for PICKING STANDARD CYLINDAR LOCKS you can find online.

moturaSlomljena vrata 6Slomljena vrata 8Slomljena vrata 7Slomljena vrata 4

Quite a disturbing sight. This is the better part, the real chaos is inside the appartment…

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With our colleague Slobodan Ilić, in our office you will see a REAL SECURITY DOOR, with a wide range of colours we will make your DOORLINE security door.

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Thank you for your attention.