Mini halls

Mini halls

Based on many years of observing the needs of our market, we have established that there is a significant demand for halls of small range and low height.

For that reason we have developed a system of mini halls, the construction of which is framed and the pillars are articularly attached to the foundation. This kind of construction relieves the foundation of momentums (rotational forces) which allows for the halls to be mounted directly on a 15-centimetre concrete slab by inserting a wall plug through a plinth.
The hall is lined with horizontally mounted panels that have polyurethane or non-combustible stone wool insulation. And for special purposes, in highly aggressive environments (such as chicken farms, pig farms, mushroom farms, leather processing…) we have a top quality and permanent solution, lining halls with polyurethane panels which on the inside, instead of sheet metal, have fibreglass which is resistant to ammonia acid and overall to most organic acids which would erode panels that are lined with sheet metal.

In other respects, the mini hall is the same as a regular hall, and the prices of the gates, windows and doors are applicable from the pricelist for standard halls.

We emphasize the fact that mini halls are very simple for assembly & disassembly, so after utilizing them at one location, they can very easily be disassembled and moved to another location.

The quality of the materials chosen ensures great durability of these halls.